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built by Tim eldest son of William George Richardson 1933-2019, and Rosemary Jane Dougherty 1930-1989
www.dougherty.ca  went live in 2003 (before Facebook existed , before Ancestory.com did their IPO) basically, before any of the major social media structures that people use these days (2021) to connect, and share historical family info. This site was maintained regularly for the first 10 years, then most of the content migrated to individual FaceBook pages and Ancestry.ca

I leave the content here still, because it has been helpful to some relatives to see a quick chart without logging in to some password protected site.

Who so ever asks me of my birth ? I will tell them l am born of Irish Princes who ruled in Donegal a thousand years ago; 
that l am descended from the High Kings of Ireland, and my name is from the Clan ?Dochartaigh!

Ar nDuthchas
Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750
Patrick b. 1750 is the great-great-great-great-grandfather of  Tim Richardson, the author of this site

Update April 2017

AT Vimy Ridge April 9th, 2017 for the 100th Anniversary of "The Battle at Vimy Ridge"

Remembering Lyle George Dougherty, our cousin, age 18, who was KIA (Killed in Action) April 9th, Vimy
Lyle's name is on the front of the monument, left side, in the area of the ascending stairs.

welcome to 



This website serves the purpose of being a  tool for identifying and connecting information about all the Doughertys descended from Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750. 

Patrick's grandson, John J. Dougherty b. 1825 immigrated to Canada about 1849/50. John J. married Sarah Armstrong b. 1827 Londonderry. John and Sarah had 5 sons and 2 daughters. Each of those children had many children and grandchildren so that by the time of the 3rd millenium A.D. there is a couple of hundred people in Canada and the U.S descended from that family that settled in the Ottawa Valley.

I have been greatly helped in this "construction project" by a lot of work that as already done years ago by my cousin Laurabeth (Beth) Wright (Breeding) in North Carolina in the U.S. and my cousin John Dougherty Wright in Pembroke, Ontario. Beth and John (children of Hilda Irene Dougherty b.  1898) provided a lot of assistance, photos and advice in the beginning and although other family members have since come forward to help, John and Beth are two cousins to whom I am very grateful because if it were not for them, I could not have started this. I also want to thank Ruth Wilson, and Ordella Davidson for providing much detail about the Davidson line from Eva Dougherty.

I also want to thank my cousin Neil Dougherty in Alberta for his helpful encouragement and info about the line from John Job Dougherty b. 1859 and my cousin Barb Laureena Wright (Steuart) in Kelowna  has a lot of info about the many Wrights in our line from Alice Isabel Dougherty, b.  1892. We also refer to Barb as our roving reporter for Regina too ;-)
In early May 2003 I bought the domain www.dougherty.ca and put these pages up {after having briefly hosted them on my own site www.witiger.com}. I emailed several members of the family about what would be the best domain name for the site and although there seemed to be some differences of opinion, most cousins said the best thing to do was "keep it simple". Dougherty.ca was free, so I bought it. With the ".ca" ending it implies perhaps that this site represents all doughertys in Canada, no, that is not true - but we are a very very large Dougherty clan, and we settled first in Canada, so it seemed "legit". 

In 3rd week in August 2003 I went with my son Douglas, up to Arnprior to visit Jack Dougherty and his children. Jack's daughter, Laurie Dougherty was the Archivist for "Arnprior & District Archives" which means she was in a direct position to have access to original documents about land holdings, etc. which detail various things about the Doughertys in Westmeath in the late 1800's. As some of this info comes to light we will post it within this site. Laurie is very helpful in arranging many thing and I am sincerely appreciative of her kind hospitality.

Why Do this?

"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu" 

 ~Remember the men from whom you are sprung ~

In October 2002 I survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident. (was on my 800 Suzuki going over to the college to give a lecture when I got hit by a women talking on her cell phone, she crossed her car into my lane and struck me head-on) I have since recovered, mostly, but there was a time when I wondered about whether I had done enough to prepare my 3 young children for things that lie ahead and one of the things I wanted them to know about was the colourful and rich family history they have on my Dougherty side (my mother) and my Richardson side (my father). After I became able to sit upright for longer periods, I decided to use my web design skills to build this site for sharing with my cousins, and building something to tell my children Douglas 17, Taylor 14 and Sarah 11. [I told Sarah the other day that there must be 10+ Sarah's among her Dougherty ancestors and living cousins]
The motto of the Ó Dochartaigh clan is "Ar nDuthchas" meaning "Our Heritage". My humble interpretation is that we should actively remember the men and women from whom we came, honour them, and tell the stories of their successes, and challenges. 

Tell these stories to our children, and grandchildren ,so that they may have courage, hope and solace in the tumultuous world of the new millenium. 

It is easier to know where you are going, when you know from where you have come.

We also have a lot of cousins that ended up settling in the United States so even though the site is "dougherty.ca" we will of course equally include, and represent, all our American relatives since, after all, we came from the same place in Ireland.
The starting point for this site was originally old Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852, (my great-grandfather) but as I received more info about his brothers and sisters,  decided to add those lines in too. Then Beth sent some info allowing me to go back further beyond Alex's dad, John J. Dougherty b. 1825, to Alex's grandfather , James J. Dougherty, b. 1785, then Beth showed me a note suggesting that James J. had a brother named Patrick and that they had a father Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750. I decided to stop at Patrick of 1750 because, as my cousin Neil Raymond Dougherty b. 1949 says, it is harder to establish anything beyond that. (Neil's grandfather Leslie Vincent Dougherty has indeed been to Buncrana in Inishowen in County Donegal). So we refer to this site as the descendants of Patrick O'Dougherty 1750 and to facilitate helpful communication with other O'Dochartaigh researchers we joined the O'Dochartaigh web ring.

The creator of this website, and the author of the pages herein is
W. Tim G. Richardson b. 1959
son of Rosemary Jane Dougherty b. 1930 d. 1989
This site was just begun May 4th 2003 so if there are errors, which I am sure there are, please email me tim"@"dougherty.ca and I will change them, or add in the info

Your patience is appreciated while I build the basic pages and links

Patrick O'Dougherty, b. 1750  Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
- wife  Teressa O'Donnell b. 1760 of the  Baldreag O'Donnells
Patrick Dougherty, b. 1784  Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland died 1864 March 4th 
- no recorded spouse for Patrick so maybe James J. b. 1785 was the only one with descendants
James J. Dougherty, b. 1785 Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
- wife Beatrice McKevitt b. abt. 1796
Alexander Dougherty b. ? do not know if he is the older or younger brother of John J.
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21,  County Antrim, Ireland , d. 1862 in Ontario, Canada (have also seen records showing him born in 1824)
married Sarah Armstrong b. 1827 Londonderry, Ireland
immigrated to Canada in 1849 or 1850 - at the height of the potato famine in Ireland
John J. Dougherty and Sarah Armstrong had 7 children, each one of those children had 4, 5 or 6 children so the descendants are VERY numerous ;-)
Beth received some information from the O'Dochartaigh Clann headquarters and these notes, if accurate provide some more info on the father and grandfather of John J. Dougherty b. 1825

Apparently our ancestor Patrick spelled his last name O'Dougherty but his sons Patrick b. 1784 and James J. b. 1785 spelled their last name without the "O'"

These notes claim the ancestors of Patrick O'Dougherty "escaped from the Inishowen in 1608 when the O'Dochartaigh's were being persecuted by Chichester

Patrick B. 1750 - his wife was Teressa O'Donnell Baldreag - named such because they are "from a family famous for their fighting for the McDonnells. Her father was born in Desertegney in Inishowen. Baldreag was a nickname of this line of the O'Donnells
see  http://www.iol.ie/~inishowen/

The Doughertys marked in the boxes in green are the great-grandchildren of Patrick O'Dougherty, and they are the first generation born in Canada .
Patrick O'Dougherty, b. 1750  Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
Patrick Dougherty, b. 1784
James J. Dougherty, b. 1785
Alexander Dougherty b. ?
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21,  County Antrim, Ireland , d. 1862(1865 ***) in Ontario
married Sarah Armstrong from Coolgarron, near Ballinamallard in County Fermanagh
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
married in 1879 to Jane Mitchell b. 1857 d. 1935
John Lorne Dougherty b. 1880, d. March 1975
John Lorne had
4 children, 9 grandchildren 18 great-grandchildren
Lloyd George Doughertyb. 1918
Ruth Ann Dougherty 
Mary Beth Dougherty 
John Hanham (Jack)  Dougherty b. 1921
Donna Ruth Dougherty 
Eric John Dougherty 
Nancy Carol Dougherty 
Robert Hanham Dougherty 
Laurie Margaret Dougherty 
Azella Mae Dougherty b. 1923
John Lorne Dawson 
Bonnie Mae Dawson 
Doris Dougherty b. 1924
Ida Jane Dougherty b. Aug. 17, 1883, d.1970
had 3 children, 5 grandchildren, 
Kenneth Wallace b. 1914
Reginald Wallace 
Kenneth Wallace 
David Wallace 
Charles Beresford "Buff" Wallace 
Wallace b. 
Mark Wallace
Leslie Wallace
Alexander Mitchell Dougherty, b.  1884. d. 1961
had 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren
Phyllis Dougherty
Laura Grace Dougherty
Robert Miller 
Ronald R. Miller 
Valerie Miller

James William Dougherty b. Dec. 5, 1890. d.Oct. 1, 1974
married Lilian Lord
had 1 child, 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren
- fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge April 9th, 1917
Rosemary Jane Dougherty b. 1930 d. 1989
m. 1958 to William George Richardson b. 1933 d. 2019
William Timothy George Richardson
James Taylor Richardson 
Elizabeth Jane Richardson 
Alice Isabel Dougherty, b.  1892. d.  1982
had 2 children, 9 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren
Laureena I. (Pat) Wright b. 1924
m. Stan Hodgins
Sarah Elizabeth Hodgins 
Kevin Lloyd Wright Hodgins
Kathleen Isabel Ruth Hodgins
Daniel James Hodgins 
James Osborne Wright b. 1925
Barbara Laureena Wright
Marjorie Jane Wright 
Deborah Vonne Wright 
Christine Alice Wright 
James Wilmer Wright 
Sarah Kathleen Dougherty b.  1895. d. 1981
Annie Laura Dougherty b.  1897, d.  1921
Hilda Irene Dougherty b.  1898. d. 1993
had 3 children 7 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren
Basil Armstrong Wright b. 1926 d. 1993
Judy Lenore Wright b. 1955
Christopher Basil Wright b. 1959
Calvin Taggart Wright b. 1962
Laurabeth (Beth) Wright b. 1931
Nathan Breeding b. 1961
John Dougherty Wright b. 1933
Michael Bruce Wright b. 1960
Kelly Hope Wright b. 1961
Stevan David Wright b. 1963

Sarah Jane Dougherty
married John Scott
Alma Scott
Elisabeth Alice Dougherty
David William Dougherty b. 1858 d. 1931
1 child, 2 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren and 
9 great-great-grandchildren
Garnet Dougherty b. 1893 d. 1982
Clarence Ross Dougherty b. 1918
Colleen Margret E. Dougherty 
David M. Dougherty 
Mervin Barry Dougherty 
Helen Ilene Dougherty b. 1920
Malcolm (Mack) Gervan 
Paul Gervan
Margret (Peggy) Gervan
John Job Doughertyb. 1859 d. 1920
Dorothy (Dot) Dougherty
Myrtle Dougherty
Fanny Dell Dougherty b. 1888
Dorothy Brown
Ellard Brown
Frank John Brown
Elizabeth Noreen Brown
Terry David Brown
Leslie Vincent Dougherty b. 1892
2 children, 9 grandchildren, 20+ great-grandchildren
Raymond Vincent Dougherty b. 1921
Neil Raymond Dougherty b. 1949
John Alexander Dougherty b. 1942
Caroline Margaret Dougherty b. 1947
Deborah Jean Dougherty b. 1956
Vivian Francis Dougherty b. 1921
Brian Lee Ewing
Bonnie Jill Ewing
Penelope Dell Ewing 
Franklin Barry Ewing
Candy Darlene Ewing 

Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863 d. 1935
married Sarah Crozier b. 1864 d 1915
Lennox Simpson Dougherty b. 1889
had 1 child, 4 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren
Beulah Nairne Dougherty b. 1919
Marilyn Janace Collins 
Barbara Beulah Collins
Richard Kenneth Collins 
Anne Elaine Collins 
Roy Dougherty b. 1891
had 6 children, 8 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren
Keith Roy Dougherty b. 1917 d. 1992
Thelma Beatrice Dougherty b. 1919
Wanda Rose McCulloch 
Neil Gerald McCulloch 
Darl Graham McCulloch 
John Carl McCulloch
Lyle Clive Dougherty b. 1921
Douglas Dougherty
Shirley Margaret Dougherty 
Harris Dougherty b. 1923 d. 1995
Robert Graham Dougherty b. 1924
Arnold Wayne Dougherty 
Brian David Dougherty
Shirley Margaret Dougherty b. 1930
Eliza Martha Dougherty b. 1893
Grace Cowie b. 1924
Sarah Ella Dougherty b. 1895
had 7 children, 17 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren
Sarah Bernice Johnson b. 1923 d. 1982
James William Johnson b. 1927 d. 1944
Gerald Ernest Johnson b. 1930 d. 1977
Phillip Johnson 
Paul Johnson 
Deborah Johnson 
Cheryl Johnson 
Brent Johnson 
Glenwood Harold Johnson b. 1933 d. 1997
Michael Glen Johnson 
Sheila Bernice Johnson 
Karen Helen Johnson 
Gwendolyn Elsie Johnson b. 1933
Catharine Anne Ashley 
Wendy Lee Ashley 
James William Ashley 
Kim Pamela Ashley 
Anthony Brian Ashley
Marion Anne Johnson b. 1937 d. 1951 aged 14
John Robert Johnson b. 1938
Rodney Francis Johnson 
Terry Robert Johnson
Ernest Arthur Johnson 
Bradley Kyle Johnson 
Lyle George Dougherty b. 1898 d. 1917
- Killed in Action
Vimy Ridge April 9th, 1917
Harold Armstrong Dougherty b. 1909 d. 1980
had 9 children, 16 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren
Edith Muriel Dougherty b. 1933 d. 1956
Sharon Ann Simpson b. 1955 d. 1955
Eleanor Dougherty b. 1935
m. McLaughlin
Terrence Marvin McLaughlin 
Garry Harold W. McLaughlin 
Dawna Eleanor McLaughlin 
Jeffrey Hugh McLaughlin 
Sarah Evelyn Dougherty b. 1937 d. 1939
Faye Marina Dougherty b. 1938
Laura Faye Anderson 
Kevin Ira Anderson
Angela Lynn Anderson 
Steven Mark Anderson 
Marjorie Bethea Dougherty b. 1940
Mitchell Wayne Little
Connie Gail Little 
Bradley Allan Little 
Robert Armstrong Dougherty b. 1942
Margaret Anne Dougherty b. 1944
Pamela Anne Behnke
Todd James Behnke 
Ronald Harold Dougherty b. 1945
Trevor Ronald Dougherty 
Travis Randall Dougherty 
Tristan Jeremy Dougherty 
Catherine Lynn Dougherty b. 1951

Robinson Dougherty b. 1865 d. 1931
Eva Dougherty b. 1891 d. 1952
had 13 children, 18 grandchildren, 
36 g-grandchildren, 45 g-g-grandchildren
Violet Margaret Mae Davidson b. 1910
Margaret Lyons b. 1934
Pearl Davidson b. 1912 d. 1912
William James (Archie) Davidson b. 1913
Betty Davidson 
Elmer Davidson 
Keith Davidson 
Myrla Davidson 
Jean Davidson 
Milton Roy Davidson b. 1915 d. 1915
Harriett Dorena Davidson b. 1917
Carl Wilson b. 1937
Glen Wilson b. 1939
Shirley Wilson b. 1941
James Wilson b. 1943
Shelda Jean Wilson b. 1945
Percy Davidson b. 1918 d 1920
Lloyd Robert Davidson b. 1920 d. 1920
Ellwood Francis Davidson b. 1921 d. 1990
Violet Davidson 
Darrell Davidson 
Marjorie Verna Davidson b. 1924 d. 192?
Helen Dorothy Davidson b. 1926 d. 1926
Ellard Percell Davidson
Gilda Maureen  Davidson 
Stanley Ellard Davidson b 1949  d 1950
Earl Kevin Davidson 
Marlyn Laverne Davidson 
James Percell Davidson 
Gordon Ivan Davidson b. 1930 d. 1982
Kenneth James Davidson b. 1934 d. 1934
William (Billy) Dougherty b. 1892 d. 1972

Pearl Dougherty b. 1893 d. 1980
married John R "Jack" Davidson b. 1886 d. 1974
had 5 children, 19 grandchildren,
22 g-grandchildren, 6 g-g-grandchildren
Albert Davidson b. 1913 d. 1984
Glen Davidson b. 1944
Laura Davidson b. 1916
Mamie Jane Lavallee 
David Lavallee 
Delmer Lavallee 
Murray Lavallee 
Hilda Davidson b. 1919 d. 2005
Ernie Davidson b. 1922 d. 2004
Percy Robert Davidson b. 1928
Robert Tex Davidson 
Fraser Alexander Davidson 
Craig Sheldon Davidson 
Sherry Ellen Davidson 
John William Davidson 
Bonnie-Lee Davidson 
Kerry James Davidson 
Heather Elisabeth Davidson 
Catherine May Davidson 
Stacy Ann Davidson 

Harriett Emma Dougherty b. 1895 d. 1899
Violet Dougherty b. 1897 d. 1899
Irene Dougherty b. 1901 d. 1956
Lloyd Dougherty b. 1902 d. 1965
had 8 children and 8 grandchildren
3 greatgrandchildren
Bernadette Dougherty
Monson Dougherty d. 1983
Stewart Lloyd Dougherty 
Hanford Dougherty
Stanford Dougherty died in infancy
John Harold Doughery b. 1931
James Dougherty 
Catherine Ann Pearl Dougherty 
Daniel Robinson Lester Dougherty 
Heather E Dougherty 
Sheila Margaret Ester Dougherty 
Barry Dougherty b. 1936
Marion Dougherty
John "Jackie" LeBlanc
Elaine LeBlanc
Billy Dougherty b. 1938
Edna Dougherty b. 1907 d. 1990
2 children, 8 grandchildren
7 greatgrandchildren
Rosswell Howard b. 1935
Dean P. Howard 
Darrell R. Howard 
Duane D. Howard 
Robert N. Howard 
Ross "Jr."Howard 
Allan Howard b. 1939
Laurie Ann Howard 
Daren Howard 
Cindy Allana Howard 
*** If  John J. Dougherty b. 1825 died in 1862 it makes it difficult for him to have fathered Robinson Dougherty b. 1865. Cousin John Dougherty Wright (b. 1933) checked the headstones of John J. Dougherty and Robinson Dougherty at the cemetary in Beachburg in September 2003 and the dates on the stones are John J. died 1862 and Robinson b. 1865 - this is indeed a mystery !!
Not all the people who are descended from Patrick O'Dougherty have Dougherty as their last name, there were of course many daughters as well as sons, and those daughters' descendants would go by different last names. Here is an attempt at listing all the other 90 + last names of people who are also "Doughertys"
http://www.dohertyclann.homestead.com/webstore.html I didn't know the Dougherty name was so big in Canada and the U.S. until I found some Dougherty websites (like the one the the left). I like the look of the denim shirts, and ordered one. When it arrived I was surprised at the great quality, it was an excellent denim shirt, I liked it so much I ordered 2 more for my sons, and one of the things I liked was that they let you spell Dougherty any way you like so you could have it the original Ó Dochartaigh, or O'Dougherty or Dougherty - your choice.
click to view larger They have a 1-800 number if you want to call them, its
1-800-485-4222, ask for Norma Riggs or email her at

They do a nice job of embroidering the Ó Dochartaigh crest on the clothes and it matches perfectly the clan crest on the heraldry you see in Buncrana

Dougherty's Online, Type in password
and press enter for emails of other family members contact webmaster tim@dougherty.ca for your password

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