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Ar nDuthchas - the clan motto meaning "Our Heritage"
"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu"
~Remember the men from whom you are sprung ~
"There are over 140 spelling variations of the Ó Dochartaigh name including:" O'Doherty, Daughtry, Daugherty, Dougherty, Daugheetee, Darity, Dority, Daughtrey, Doherty,  Dogherty, Dorrity - from  www.odochartaigh.com
"Who so ever asks me of my birth - I will tell them I am born of Irish Princes who ruled in Donegal a thousand years ago; that I am descended from the High Kings of Ireland, and my name is from the  Clann O'Dochartaigh!' 
                                                  ---Ar nDuthchas, Issue #27  www.odochartaigh.org
Family legend has it that John J. Dougherty, b. 1825 was from County Antrim. 
His father, James J. Dougherty, b. 1785 was also indentified as having come from Antrim. Rosemary Dougherty b. 1930 - told the author of this site that the Doughertys, "way way back" came from County Mayo - which is marked on the map of Irish Counties to the left. However research reveals that Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750 was from County Antrim. 

Patrick Dougherty, b. 1784 and James J. Dougherty, b. 1785  spelled their name without the "O"

The significance of such a distinction is that country Antrim was in the Protestant north of Ireland whereas County Mayo was in the Catholic part (Eire). The Dougherty's that came to Canada were Protestants - even though the grandfather of immigrant John J. Dougherty, b. 1825, was Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750 - who spelled his name the Catholic way with an "O".

You might also note we marked County Donegal also since that part of Ireland is also famous for a large number of Doughertys coming from there. Many of the websites about the O'Dochartaigh clan refer to Donegal, rather than Mayo

County Antrim
"In the period before the 17th century, when the county was part of the territory of  the O'Neills, there was much migration from Scotland"

"Ó Dochartaigh Keep"
in Inishowen 
The Keep was part of Buncrana Castle

"Buncrana castle is located at one end of Cahir O'Doherty Avenue in Buncrana, on the opposite bank at the mouth of the Crana River. Although Buncrana was one of the oldest castles of Inishowen, it is barely recorded in any records until the 1608 rebellion. It was described in 1601 as being a small castle, owned by Conor Mac Gearóid Ó Dochartaigh
original found at 

".. owned by Conor Mac Gearóid Ó Dochartaigh, and although having a strong keep, it had no bawn at that time. It drew little attention from Docwra, chief of the English occupants in the South of Inishowen and in Derry. It was repaired by Hugh Boy O'Doherty in 1602 to act as a meeting point for the Spanish armada, who intended to land on Inch Island and use it as their base. 

In 1608, it was chosen by Sir Cahir Rua O'Dogherty, after his rift with the English, as a place to gather his supporters together before marching on Derry. It was burnt by the English, although the walls stood and it was repaired soon afterwards. It was leased to Henry Vaughan, who had come to Derry with Docwra. He lived in the castle with his family until the completion of the nearby house in 1718. It is said that the castle was demolished 
to build the house, although it is more likely that it was the bawn wall that was used, as none of the stones around the castle seem solid enough to have formed part of the bawn wall. 

The original castle had two storeys, with deep recesses and loophole slits. There were three periods of construction, with additions and adjustments being carried out with each period. The second period was concerned with the fortification of the castle in 1602, and the final period with Chichester's or Vaughan's repair in about 1908." 

"Buncrana is situated in the west of the Inishowen peninsula, which itself is situated in county Donegal, Ireland. The name  "Buncrana" comes from the Irish Bun Cranncha, which translates to "Bottom Of The Crana". The Crana being the river which  Buncrana was built beside. The river runs into lough Swilly, which is said to be the deepest lough in the British Isles."
"Buncrana [Bun Cranna - the mouth of the River Cranncha] is situated on the eastern shore of Lough Swilly, the deepest sea estuary in Europe.   The settlement was founded in the 15th century around the local clann O'Doherty's Castle of which only the Keep  remains." 

additional reference to the clann O'Doherty's Castle [Keep] 
at  http://www.dun-na-ngall.com/buncrana.html

A map of Buncrana from  www.buncrana.com

notice the crest of Buncrana has a stag deer in the same leaping design as on the Ó Dochartaigh clan herald

If you go to this page you may read detailed info on the origins of the buncrana herald symbols in which specific reference is made to the Ó Dochartaigh clan 

WORLD HEADQUARTERS  O'Dochartaigh Family   Research Centre and Inishowen Genealogy 

Aileach Road, Shorefront. 
Buncrana, Co. Donegal, 
Republic of Ireland 

as noted at 
Email HQ: info@odochartaigh.org 
Phone (UK): 077 63998 
(International: +353 77 63998) 

the ancestors of Patrick O'Dougherty "escaped from the Inishowen in 1608 when the O'Dochartaigh's were being persecuted by Chichester.." 

"Inishowen was the last Gaelic stronghold in the province of Ulster to come under British occupation in the 17th century. The cultures, traditions and language of the Gaels remained strong in the peninsula until the twentieth century. The Irish language was the everyday language of much of the peninsula until the late 1800s, especially in areas such as Clonmany, where there were still native speakers of the language until the mid 1900s." 
- says Michael Ó Nuadháin who built the page on Inishowen


Dougherty name is spelled in Irish Gaelic above
- see www.odochartaigh.com
http://homepage.eircom.net/~donnaweb/coatsofarms/doherty.gif http://www.odochartaigh.org/

- official O'Dochartaigh (Doherty) Clann Website
2005 O'Dochartaigh Clann Reunion

http://www.dohertyclann.homestead.com/index.html A huge Ó Dochartaigh clan website
http://dohertyclann.homestead.com/histpics.html This page provides much useful info on the origins of the Ó Dochartaigh name and also a profile on Sir Cahir O'Doherty
http://www.odochartaigh.com/ Also a huge Ó Dochartaigh clan website
http://www.islandnet.com/~doherty/clann/ Yet another Ó Dochartaigh clan website



Co. Antrim Surname Interest List http://irishgenealogy.net/surnamel.html

The 1851 Co. Antrim Census  http://irishgenealogy.net/antrimgen.html#ARJ1
The 1851 Co. Antrim Census http://irishgenealogy.net/antrim/co_ant01.html no Doughertys mentioned
The 1851 Co. Antrim Census  http://irishgenealogy.net/antrim/co_ant02.html a John Dougherty found but the date is wrong and the spouse's name is incorrect
The 1851 Co. Antrim Census  http://irishgenealogy.net/antrim/co_ant04.htmlno Doughertys mentioned

a member of the  Ó Dochartaigh Web Ring http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~julieann/daugherty.htm

Hugh Doherty, also a member of the Ó Dochartaigh Web Ring http://www.highspeedplus.com/~hdoherty/

list of the sites on the O'Dochartaigh web ring  http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=ODochartaigh;action=list

a lot of Dougherty information can be obtained from  http://www.oneill-net.com/links.htm
O'Dougherty Ancestry line of W. Tim G. Richardson, author of this site 
Patrick O'Dougherty, b. 1750  Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
- wife  Teressa O'Donnell b. 1760 of the  Baldreag O'Donnells
James J. Dougherty, b. 1785 Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
- wife Beatrice McKevitt b. abt. 1796
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21,  County Antrim, Ireland , d. 1862 in Ontario, Canada (have also seen records showing him born in 1824)
married Sarah Armstrong b. 1827 Londonderry, Ireland
immigrated to Canada in 1849 or 1850 - at the height of the potato famine in Ireland, John J. Dougherty and Sarah Armstrong had 7 children
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
married Jane Mitchell b. 1856 Sep 20 Belfast, Ireland
James William Dougherty b. 1890
Rosemary Jane Dougherty b. 1930 d. 1989
William Timothy George Richardson b. 1959
William Douglas Timothy Richardson b. 1986
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Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 http://www.witiger.com/family/dougherty~alex1.htm
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James William Dougherty b. 1890  www.witiger.com/family/dougherty~Jimmy.htm
John Hanham (Jack) Dougherty b. 1921  www.witiger.com/family/dougherty~Jack.htm
Westmeath were John J. Dougherty settled http://www.witiger.com/family/westmeathmap.htm


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