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This page is dedicated to the Doughertys and their descendents who served in the military
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index of Canadian Regiments  http://www.regiments.org/milhist/na-canada/lists/cargxref.htm
the Doughertys and their descendents who served in the military
    o James William Dougherty b. 1890   fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge W.W.I
    o Lyle George Dougherty b. 1898 d. 1917 killed in action  in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, W.W.I
    o Kenneth Wallace b. 1914  served in W.W.II.
    o Charles "Buff) Beresford Wallace b. 1919 served in W.W.II
    o John Hanham (Jack)  Dougherty b. 1921  pilot, and prisoner of war W.W.II
    o Raymond Vincent Dougherty b. 1921 served in W.W.II
    o James Osborne Wright b. 1925 served with the Regina Rifles, wounded in Holland W.W.II
    o William Timothy George Richardson, b. 1959 served with the reserve regiment Queen's Own Rifles, Vimy Platoon, Buffs Company
http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem/Detail&casualty=1567299 In early May 2003 while Tim was entering info into the Dougherty site, he emailed his cousins Beth and John to ask about a Lyle Dougherty who died in 1917 since it was suspected this might have something to do with World War I.

John Wright emailed Tim back to say yes Lyle was killed in France and John found a federal government website that contains the names of those soldiers.

In the screen capture to the left you can see the name and details of Lyle, who was killed April 9th,  which was  the date of the famous Battle of Vimy Ridge - the same battle in which Lyle's cousin, James William Dougherty b. 1890, survived and in fact was awarded several medals for heroism, including the military medal.

    o One cousin lived, and had 3 grandchildren (including the author of this site) and 5 great-grandchildren , 
    o One cousin died, and let us never forget him.

Lyle's father and mother were Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863 d. 1935 and Sarah Crozier b. 1864 d 1915

James William's father was Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
Alex was the older brother of Robert Francis

here is a direct link to the page in the Book of Remembrance that lists Lyle George Dougherty

It was at Vimy, on April 9th, 1917, that all four Divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked simultaneously for the first  time - the significance of this event was that it represented the first time Canadian soldiers went in to a large scale battle led by Canadian officers - previously Canadian soldiers were led by British officers. The courage of the Canadians was amazing and they were successful in taking the ridge which previously had defeated the British and French forces. Thousands of Canadians died in the first few minutes of the battle but this event is cited by many historians as the moment in which Canada became a country on the world stage.
- the cost, 10,602 Canadian casualties
The picture above is William James Dougherty  (grandfather of the author of this site) who fought and was wounded in the battle of Vimy Ridge. 
.Vimy sites
 John Hanham (Jack)  Dougherty b. 1921
- shown receiving his wings
- WWII veteran, was a POW of the Germans
James (Jim) Osborne Wright 
b. 1925
son of 
Alice Isabel Dougherty
b.  1892
In the note Jim sent to us he comments that this pic was taken on his 20th birthday in London. He says "I was just out of hospital one month after being wounded in Holland Apr 8th, 1945 serving with the Regina Rifles"

To the right is the crest of the Regina Rifles

"The Regina Rifles fought in some of the war's toughest battles. Its soldiers, known as "Farmer Johns" or just "Johns", were largely farm labourers from rural Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. They defeated the 12th SS Panzer Grenadier Division, captured the Abbaye D'Ardenne, took part in  the campaign to capture Caen and suffered terribly while capturing the Leopold Canal area of the Scheldt Estuary. "The Reginas were an exceptional regiment, consistently very good at their job," says Copp, a history professor " 
from a book about the regiment


.  Raymond Vincent Dougherty b. 1921
served in WWII
son of John Job Dougherty b. 1859 d. 1920

details may be forthcoming from Raymond Vincent's son Neil Raymond Dougherty

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