.built by William Timothy George Richardson, b. 1959; eldest son of William George Richardson and Rosemary Jane Dougherty
Ar nDuthchas
Harold Armstrong Dougherty  b. 1909
child of Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863
Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863 d. 1935
married Sarah Crozier b. 1864 d 1915
Lennox Simpson Dougherty b. 1889 d. 1961
married Janet Nairne Cowie b. 1894 d 1972
1 child
4 grandchildren
Roy Dougherty b. 1891 d. 1970
married Lillian Margaret Black b. 1894 d. 1942
6 children
8 grandchildren
Eliza Martha Dougherty b. 1893 d. 1983
married in 1922 to John Mainard Cowie b. 1895 d. 1974
Sarah Ella Dougherty b. 1895 d. 1982
married Percy Ernest Johnson b. 1890 d. 1964
7 children
17 grandchildren
Lyle George Dougherty b. 1898 d. 1917 age 19
Harold Armstrong Dougherty b. 1909 d. 1980
married in 1932 to Marjorie Evelyn Howard b. 1913
9 children
16 grandchildren
2005 June
Eleanor McLaughlin, second eldest daughter of Harold, emailed to give some helpful updates
and her sister, Margaret Dougherty Behnke also gave some updates

Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863 d. 1935
married Sarah Crozier b. 1864 d 1915
Harold Armstrong Dougherty b. 1909 d. 1980
married in 1932 to Marjorie Evelyn Howard b. 1913
Edith Muriel Dougherty b. 1933
married in 1954 to Murray William Simpson
Sharon Ann Simpson b. 1955

pic of a young Harold Dougherty
Eleanor Dougherty b. 1935
married in 1955 to 
Marvin Hugh McLaughlin b. 1928 d. 1994
Terrence Marvin McLaughlin b. 1956
married in 1982 to Catharine Ann Schultz b. 1958
Miranda Leigh McLaughlin b. 1987
Garry Harold W. McLaughlin b. 1958
married in 1979 to Mona Lynn LeBlanc
Shawn Garry McLaughlin b. 1982
Katie Lynn McLaughlin b. 1984
Dawna Eleanor McLaughlin b. 1959
Jeremy Robert Graham b. 1983
Andrew Thomas Graham b. 1985
Jeffrey Hugh McLaughlin b. 1970
Sarah Evelyn Dougherty b. 1937 d. 1939
Faye Marina Dougherty b. 1938
married in 1962 to 
Ira Earl Anderson
Laura Faye Anderson b. 1962
married in 1982 to William Earnest Weir b. 1957
Andrew Patrick Weir b. 1982
Melissa June Weir b. 1985
Kevin Ira Anderson b. 1966
Anglea Lynn Anderson b. 1971
Steven Mark Anderson b. 1974
Marjorie Bethea Dougherty b. 1940
married in 1963 to 
Lawrence Ralph Little
Mitchell Wayne Little b. 1964
Connie Gail Little b. 1969
Bradley Allan Little b. 1971
Robert Armstrong Dougherty b. 1942
Margaret Anne Dougherty b. 1944
married in 1965 to Terry Herbert Paul Behnke
Pamela Anne Behnke b. 1969
Todd James Behnke b. 1971
Ronald Harold Dougherty b. 1945
Trevor Ronald Dougherty b. 1971
m. Teena Rose
Kourtney-Alycia Patience Dougherty b. 1990
Trinity-Faith Azeline Dougherty b. 2003
2005? TBA
Travis Randall Dougherty b. 1975
Kyra Lynn Dougherty
Kaden John Dougherty
Tristan Jeremy Dougherty b. 1980
Catherine Lynn Dougherty b. 1951
married in 1977 to Lin Thomas Hawthorne
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Roy Dougherty b. 1891  dougherty~Roy1891.htm
Sarah Ella Dougherty b. 1895  dougherty~Sarah1895.htm
Harold Armstrong Dougherty b. 1909  dougherty~HaroldArmstrong1909.htm
Robinson Dougherty b. 1865  dougherty~Robinson1865.htm
Westmeath were John J. Dougherty settled westmeathmap.htm
Special page dedicted to those Dougherty soldiers, sailors and airmen, and their descendants, who served in the armed forces of the British Commonwealth  doughertyswhoserved.htm

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