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Ar nDuthchas - the clan motto meaning "Our Heritage"
"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu"
~Remember the men from whom you are sprung ~
Hilda Irene Dougherty 
b.  1898, -  d. 1993
daughter of Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852
These pics were sent to me in December 2002 by my cousin John Wright -  The people in the photo immediately below are the brothers and sisters of Hilda
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May 8th, 2003 Cousin Beth, at my request, sent me [Tim] something about Aunt Hilda to put on this page. So in the dark green text below I have reprinted the words of her email so that you can know something of this wonderful lady - a "farmer's wife" in the Ottawa Valley.

A few things about my mother, Hilda Irene Dougherty Wright b. 1898. d. 1993.
 I think Mom was an athletic child.  She said she was the only one of the five sisters who preferred playing outdoors to indoors.  The family went to public school at S.S.#14, Barr's School on the Beachburg-Lapasse Road, a walk of about a mile.  Her father had bought a house in Pembroke by the time she was a teenager.  She attended High School there and enjoyed playing basketball.

Normal School in Ottawa prepared her to teach eight grades of children in one-room country schoolhouses.  She taught on the Zion Line, near Beachburg, at Pleasant Valley School (S.S.#5 Westmeath Township) and near Tisdale, Saskatchewan when she went west to stay with her sister, Alice and her husband Percy Wright.  That was about 1923.  My father, John Charles Wright went west to help his brother, Percy.  Romance ensued and Hilda and "Jack" came back east to be married and take up residence on the Wright farm, located on what is now Lookout Road between Westmeath and Beachburg.

Here are some things I remember my mother, a farmer's wife doing.  She grew a vegetable garden and canned the produce.  We had an apple orchard, raspberries, plums, chokecherries and blueberries grew wild.  We picked and Mom canned and made jams and jellies.  Mom and Dad milked at least six cows each, by hand,  morning and night until about 1942 when we got a milking machine.  She made butter.  She helped with the harvest.  I remember her being in the field stooking sheaves of grain when I came home from school in the fall.  She cooked for the gang of neighbors who came to help with threshing, corn cutting and wood-sawing.  After they bought a combine, Mom ran the bagger as Dad drove the tractor, John and I pushed the bags down the chute and Basil picked them up with the truck.  He was about fifteen then.

We didn't have much reading material in the 1930's.  Aunt Sarah used to save newspapers for us.  I remember Mom reading to us from the magazine section of the Toronto paper.  She knew reading was important.  She talked about how her father read a daily scripture from the Bible to his family.  Mom had a soprano voice and sang in the church choir, often singing duets with her friend, Nellie Timm.  She and Dad both played an active part in church functions at Westmeath United Church.  Although she never learned to drive, she always seemed  to get to the women's meetings.

A year or so after Dad died (1958) Mom moved to the village where she rented an apartment, then, after the age of 70, decided to build herself a small house.  She was active in the Beachburg Horticultural Society and in the Beachburg United Church. During the 1970's she made various trips: England, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina.  She took up ceramics and shuffleboard.  In 1983 she moved to Miramachi Lodge, Pembroke, a home for seniors where she stayed active well into her 90's.
For her funeral in 1993, John and I wrote a short eulogy which ended, "Not long ago, Hilda said, 'When I am gone I want you to remember that I loved you all.'"

written by Hilda's daughter,  Laurabeth Wright b. 1931 (AKA Beth Breeding)
This photo was titled Hilda w Basil, Beth and John
Aunt Hilda lived to 1993 - she died aged 95
Basil, her son died in 1993. His younger brother and sister have been extremely helpful in supplying the information from which this dougherty.ca site was created
The photo below was titled "Hilda with kids"
Hilda married a Wright (as did her sister - two sisters married two brothers)
- that is why there are so many Wrights among the line from
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852

Beth says the man in the picture was a hired man who helped on the farm in the summer
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
Hilda Irene Dougherty 
born 23 Mar 1898 in Westmeath Twp, Ontario 
died 11Oct 1993 age 95
married John Charles Wright (brother of Percy Wright) 
        b.  25 Sept 1900 Westmeath, died 11 June 1958 Pembroke
m. 29 April 1924
3 children, 7 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren
Basil Armstrong Wright b. 1926 d. 1993
married Beulah Edna Taggart
Judy Lenore Wright b. 1955
married Leo Angus Tessier
Sabrina Elisabeth Tessier b. 1985
Christopher Basil Wright b. 1959
married Margret Elisabeth Brisson "Peggy"
Andrew Dean Wright b. 1983
Diane Elisabeth Wright b. 1985
Calvin Taggart Wright b. 1962
married Shelley Lee Ann Hoffman
Cameron Basil Wright b. 1994
Donavan Daniel Wright b. 1996
Laurabeth (Beth) Wright b. 1931
Nathan Breeding b. 1961
John Dougherty Wright b. 1933
married in 1961 to Heather Ann Trimble
Michael Bruce Wright b. 1960
married in 1984 Shelley Elisabeth Pinnell
Kayla Marie Wright b. 1989
Briana Michelle Wright b. 1991
Kelly Hope Wright b. 1961
married in 1990 Robert Taylor
Cameron Sloan Taylor b. 1991
Brandan Nicholas Lee Taylor b. 1993
Stevan David Wright b. 1963
married in 1989 Sandi Marie-Paule Clark
Bailey Victoria Wright b. 1990
Malcolm C.T. Wright b. 1993

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