.built by William Timothy George Richardson, b. 1959; eldest son of William George Richardson and Rosemary Jane Dougherty b. 1930 d. 1989
Ar nDuthchas
John Job Dougherty b. 1859
son of John J. Dougherty b. 1825
John Job Dougherty
April 23rd, 2003, Tim Richardson, son of Rosemary Dougherty (b. 1930) and Neil Raymond Dougherty, son of Raymond Vincent Dougherty (b. 1921) talked by phone and as a result of that conversation Tim is trying to build some pages to show that line of Doughertys since we have the same common ancestor John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21
- updates will be made as we move along

- photo courtesy of John Wright

May 1st, 2003, Laurabeth Wright (Breeding) sent some files which included info on descendants of John Job - this was added in

May 10th, Tim started adding in the details about Vivian Francis Dougherty b. 1921 from the geneology database sent by John Dougherty Wright

JJ's wife, Frances Condie, was the daughter of Alex Condie and Jane Ryan of Beachburg

3rd week in August 2005, Richard Brown, great-grandson of Fannie Dell Dougherty, was in contact with Tim and provided some updates which will be added in 

July 2006, shared emails with Terry Brown grandson of Fannie Dell Dougherty and father of Richard Brown. Terry showed how he has been building a geneology site on http://www.genebase.com and some of the info includes Doughertys

July 2006, found web pages about the Condies at
 http://www.cyberbeach.net/~mkelly/condie.htm created by Mary Kelly

John Job Dougherty b. 1859 d. 1920
married 30 Apr 1884 
to Frances A. Condie b. 1861 d. 1947
- they had three daughters and one son
Dorothy (Dot) Dougherty - married Alex Barr
Myrtle Dougherty married Alex Barr
Fanny Dell Dougherty b. 1888 d. 1956 - married John Augustus Brown b. 1884
Leslie Vincent Dougherty b. 1892 d. 1972

John Job Dougherty b. 1859 
Dorothy (Dot) Dougherty - married Alex Barr
Myrtle Dougherty b. 1889
married Alexander Barr
see  http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bunny&id=I1700
Fanny Dell Dougherty b. 1888 d. 1956
- married John Augustus Brown b. 1884
Dorothy Brown married Mr. Bromley
Ellard Brown
b. 1909/10/11  d. 1960/5/8
married to Loretta b. 1915 d. 1950 (died age 35)
Francis (Frank) John Brown b. 1933 d. 2004
Steven Brown
Linda R. Brown
Diane M. Brown
Brian David Brown
Cheryl Brown
Elizabeth Francine Brown
Nancy Susan Brown
Elizabeth (Betty) Noreen Brown
married Combden
Terry David Brown
Sherri L. Brown
Jeffrey Arthur Brown
Richard Brown
Leslie Vincent Dougherty b. 1892 d. 1972
Raymond Vincent Dougherty b. 1921
Neil Raymond Dougherty b. 1949
married in 1972 Judy Marie Block - had 2 sons
married in 1992 Joyce Soh
Christopher Raymond Dougherty b. 1976
Patrick Allen Dougherty b. 1978
John Alexander Dougherty
married Colleen Craig
Steven Dougherty b. 1963
Connie Dougherty
John 's marriage with Fran Pierzchala
Beckie Dougherty b. 1968
Jamie Lee Ranney b. 1997
Brook Lyn Marie Ranney b. 1999
Shelly Dougherty b. 1971
Caroline Margaret Dougherty
Deborah Jean Dougherty
Vivian Francis Dougherty b. 1921
married in 1945 to Francis Hewitt Ewing d. 1998
Brian Lee Ewing b. 1946
married Ida Leblanc
Michael Ewing b. 1970
Brian also married Sue Ackerblade
Christel Anne Ewing b. 1982
Brian also with Karin
Janine Rebecca Ewing b. 1988
Julia Rose Ewing b. 1988 d. 1988
Julia Rose Ewing b. 1990
Bonnie Jill Ewing b. 1947
married in 1965 to  Barry Norman Vinden
Ian Robert Vinden b. 1966
married in 1986 to Louise Pavey
Kathleen Bonnie Vinden b. 1988
Steven Barry Vinden b. 1968
married Sarah Darbyson
Piper Jill Kathleen Vinden b. 1999
Sherri Lynn Vinden b. 1971
Penelope Dell Ewing b. 1950
Franklin Barry Ewing b. 1953
Candy Darlene Ewing b. 1957

The info on this page comes from Neil Raymond Dougherty b. 1949 and Laurabeth (Beth) Wright and John Dougherty Wright's geneology database
Updated in July 2006 with info from Terry Brown
Navigating the Patrick Ó Dochartaigh pages - updated 2003 May 7
Main Intro page  dougherty1.htm
Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750 dougherty~Patrick1750.htm
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 dougherty~JohnJ~b1825.htm
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 dougherty~alex1.htm
John Lorne Dougherty b. 1880  dougherty~JohnLorne1880.htm
James William Dougherty b. 1890  dougherty~Jimmy.htm
Alice Isabel Dougherty b. 1892  dougherty~AliceIsabel.htm
David William Dougherty b. 1858  dougherty~DavidWilliam1858.htm
John Job Dougherty b. 1859  dougherty~JohnJob.htm
Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863 dougherty~RobertFrancis1863.htm
Lennox S. Dougherty b. 1889  dougherty~LennoxSimpson1889.htm
Roy Dougherty b. 1891  dougherty~Roy1891.htm
Sarah Ella Dougherty b. 1895  dougherty~Sarah1895.htm
Harold Armstrong Dougherty b. 1909  dougherty~HaroldArmstrong1909.htm
Robinson Dougherty b. 1865  dougherty~Robinson1865.htm
Westmeath were John J. Dougherty settled westmeathmap.htm
Special page dedicted to those Dougherty soldiers, sailors and airmen, and their descendants, who served in the armed forces of the British Commonwealth  doughertyswhoserved.htm

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