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Ar nDuthchas
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 
James J. Dougherty b. 1785 John J's father
Patrick O'Dougherty b. 1750 John J's grandfather
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21 d. 1862, came from County Antrim in Ireland about 1850 and married Sarah Armstrong in Westmeath in Ontario in 1850, or '51 and their children lived along the sixth line in Westmeath Township [now called Lookout Road]. John J. Dougherty's eldest son was Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932.

My cousin Beth (Laurabeth Wright, daughter of Hilda Irene Dougherty) emailed me some files in April 2003 which shed some light on John J. Dougherty b. 1825.
Beth also mailed a huge sheet of charts in May 2003 which was added in here as well
Armstrong info from Northern Ireland In March 2005, a distant cousin, Shane McCurdy, from Magheralin, Northern Ireland, emailed to say
"Your ancestor, Sarah Armstrong, who married John J Dougherty was a daughter of an Alexander Armstrong, and a sister to my great great grandmother, Elizabeth Armstrong who married a John Irwin, and who remained here in Northern Ireland. The Armstrong family actually come from Coolgarron, a small townland in quite near the village of Ballinamallard in County Fermanagh and we have conclusive documentary evidence of the link between our two families, relating to Sarah Armstrong Dougherty's and ELizabeth Armstrong Irwin's brother from Paterson, New Jersey, who died in 1899.
The document Shane refers to is here 
In this will "John Armstrong of the City of Paterson in the County of Passaic and State of New Jersey... bequeath unto my brother William Alexander Armstrong now residing at Clarendon Province of Quebec Canada the sum of one dollar."



I am enclosing the details from his will and other testimonial papers which refers to the two families, as well as other Armstrong
families in Ireland and USA and Canada - all of which has been extensively recorded and indeed continues to be added to.
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 - apparently he had a brother Patrick and John J's wife was named Beatrice McKevitt
- McDevitt is a common name associated with the Doughertys in
James J. Dougherty, b. 1785 Glenarm, Clooney, County Antrim, Ireland
- wife Beatrice McKevitt
Alexander Dougherty b. ? do not know if he is the older or younger brother of John J.
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21,  County Antrim, Ireland , d. 1862 in Ontario, Canada
married Sarah Armstrong b. 1827 Londonderry, Ireland
immigrated to Canada in 1849 or 1850 - at the height of the potato famine in Ireland
John J. Dougherty and Sarah Armstrong had 7 children (5 sons and 2 daughters)
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
married Jane Mitchell b. 1856 Sep 20 Belfast, Ireland
Robert Francis Dougherty b. 1863
Sarah Jane Dougherty
Elisabeth Alice Dougherty
David William Dougherty b. 1858
John Job Doughertyb. 1859
Robinson Dougherty b. 1865 (1863)

There is some uncertainty about the death date of John J. Dougherty b. 1825 We have previously listed John J. Dougherty b. 1825 as having died in 1862 but this would make it "ackward" to claim Robinson Dougherty b. 1865 as his son !!!

Beth has said that she thinks the date of 1862 was taken from John J's headstone but Beth also said in an email Aug 24, 2003 that 1865 is the date ?

If  John J. Dougherty b. 1825 died in 1862 it makes it difficult for him to have fathered Robinson Dougherty b. 1865. Cousin John Dougherty Wright (b. 1933) checked the headstones of John J. Dougherty and Robinson Dougherty at the cemetary in Beachburg in September 2003 and the dates on the stones are John J. died 1862 and Robinson b. 1865 - this is indeed a mystery !!

Neil Dougherty offered some evidence to support the fact that John J did indeed die in 1862. In an email to Tim in Nov 2004 Neil says "...From JJ's Deathbed will dated dec.1 1862 Sarah was willed the north east 50 acres of lot 9 con. 6 which she was to will to John who in turn was to pay 10 pounds to Sarah Jane when she comes of age.Alexander gets the northwest 50 &must pay Elizabeth 10 pounds.Davin gets the south east 50.Robert gets the northeast 50. No mention of other children. I surmise Sarah may have been with child at the time and he wasn't born till the following year.His stone may have been placed many years later if money was short thus the date discrepancy.The other alternative is he was devine [It's a miracle] Hope this helps

So this leaves us with the only obvious conclusion that the birth date for Robinson Dougherty was wrong and that he was born in 1863

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