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Ar nDuthchas - the clan motto meaning "Our Heritage"
"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu"
~Remember the men from whom you are sprung ~
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21 d. 1862, came from County Antrim in Ireland about 1850 and married Sarah Armstrong in Westmeath in Ontario in 1850, or '51 and their children lived along the sixth line in Westmeath Township [now called Lookout Road]. John Dougherty's eldest son was Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932. Alex's father died at quite an early age when Alex was only 11. The 1957 photo below is of the children of Alex Dougherty.
children of Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 and his wife Jane Mitchell b. 1856
This photograph, emailed to me in December 2002 by my cousin John Wright - is a good starting point. The people in the photo are the children of Alexander James Dougherty and the grand-children of John Dougherty. .

John Wright said that there are hundreds of people in North America now who are descendants of Alex Dougherty and my interest will be in making contact with those that are similarly interested in touching base to share and exchange.

My grandfather is James William Dougherty - he was the one who left his studies at Queen's University to go off and fight in World War I and was awarded the Military Medal (second only to the Victoria Cross) for bravery in action on the morning of April 9th - which most Canadians know is the famous "Battle of Vimy Ridge".

After the war, Jimmy (as his siblings called him) finished a degree at Queen's in mining engineering and went up in to Northern Ontario. He took his wife Lilian, a nurse he met at Queen's, and they lived in Timmins for many years where my mother Rosemary Jane Dougherty, was born in 1930.

The story of Alexander James Dougherty and his son James William Dougherty (b. 1890) and the granddaughter Rosemary Jane Dougherty (b. 1930) is told in part in the book "Tell Me Another Story" by Joan Finnigan - a collection of stories about people descended from the Ottawa Valley Irish
Alex James Dougherty pictured with his wife Jane Mitchell, to the left

Jane's father was John Mitchell b: 8 Dec 1811 in Finglas County, Dublin, Ireland 

Jane's mother was Isabella Brown b: 19 Dec 1832 in Old Park, Belfast, N. Ireland

Since Alex Dougherty at 11 years of age had the enourmous responsibility of being the oldest brother of many little brothers and sisters, life was hard for him. His mother, a young widow had a great deal of difficulty. There is a story narrated in Joan Finnigan's books about how the young Alex struggled to keep the family farm. Alex had a hard live struggling to support his brother and sisters and died in 1879 only 27 years old

"At one point it is documented in the Westmeath Times that she (John Dougherty's widow) could not pay the taxes. She was in great distress about this so her son, who was eleven or twelve at the time said "Well, I'll try hard to get some money". The man who brought the mail from Beachburg to Westmeath apparently said to the young Dougherty lad "If you cut the brush along the side of the road where I have to ride my horse to deliver the mail and you clear the path for me for the summer, I will pay you. So the young lad worked very hard and he cut the brush, but when he went to ask the postman for his money, the postman wouldn't pay him. Later on in the archives in the township office it reads "taxes waived, Widow Dougherty - fifty cents". Yes, they gave her her land without having to pay the taxes because they were all so embarrassed that the postman had not paid"
as told to Joan Finnigan by Rosemary Dougherty p. 15 in Tell Me Another Story

cousin Judy Tessier (grandaughter of  Hilda Irene Dougherty b.  1898) reminded the author of this site that cousin Beth Breeding (daughter of  Hilda Dougherty) had written a poem about the circumstances of her grandfather Alex
This poem is reproduced below
When Grandpa was twelve his father died, leaving him
man in the house and four younger children.
How rough and hard that life 
in a cabin in a clearing can only
be imagined. His mother's worry he shared
as tax time neared and pennies dwindled.

Rural mail came once a week,
delivered by a weathered man
driving horse and buggy,
who complained that switches by the trail
spooked his horse,
snapping, slapping his flanks.
Said he'd give fifty cents to any lad
who'd cut the brush from here
to town, let's say, on his behalf,
he joked. The boy's eyes widened.
Fifty cents! The tax amount!
With knife and ax he trimmed
the track, five miles there 
and five miles back.
With proud anticipation, met the mail.
"Nice work," was all the fellow said,
and cracked his reins.

The archive in the township reads
"Taxes waived: Widow Dougherty -  fifty cents."
Recorded in the family lore,
four generations scorn the name
of he who would deceive a child.

by Laurabeth Wright (AKA Beth Breeding)
grandaughter of Alex Dougherty

It is for this reason that I,  Timothy, oldest son of Rosemary Dougherty, and great-grandson of Alexander James Dougherty, have made these website pages as a tribute to the Dougherty name and in respect of my ancestor , Alexander James Dougherty, who persevered through very challenging times; it is a great inspiration to his descendants who may be faced with tough challenges to know they come from "blood" which is tough and strong and honourable - truly the very spirit of the Dougherty motto "Ar nDuthchas"
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In this chart below we will show Alexander Dougherty's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
There are also many great-great-grandchildren - these will be listed under each of Alex's children.
John J. Dougherty b. 1825 Oct 21,  County Antrim, Ireland , d. 1862 in Ontario, Canada age 37
married Sarah Armstrong b. 1827 Londonderry, Ireland
immigrated to Canada in 1849 or 1850 - at the height of the potato famine in Ireland
John J. Dougherty and Sarah Armstrong had 7 children, Alex, from whom the author of this site is descended, was the oldest.
Alexander James Dougherty b. 1852 July 17 d. 1932
married in 1879 to Jane Mitchell b. 1857 d. 1935
John Lorne Dougherty b. 1880, d. March 1975 age 85
Lloyd George Dougherty b. 1918
Ruth Ann Dougherty b. 1955
Mary Beth Dougherty b. 1956
John Hanham (Jack)  Dougherty b. 1921
Donna Ruth Dougherty b. 1952
John Eric Dougherty b. 1953
Nancy Carol Dougherty b. 1955
Robert Hanham Dougherty b. 1958
Laurie Margaret Dougherty b. 1960
Azella Mae Dougherty b. 1923
John Lorne Dawson b. 1956
Bonnie Mae Dawson b. 1959
Doris Dougherty b. 1924
Ida Jane Dougherty b. Aug. 17, 1883, d.1970 age 77
Kenneth Wallace b. 1914
Reginald Wallace b. 1941
Kenneth Wallace b. 1946
David Wallace b. 1955
Charles Beresford "Buff" Wallace b. 1919
Wallace b. 1948
Mark Wallace
Leslie Wallace
Alexander Mitchell Dougherty, b.  1884. d. 1961 age 77
Phyllis Dougherty
Laura Grace Dougherty
Robert Miller b. 1945
Ronald R. Miller 
Valerie Miller
James William Dougherty b. Dec. 5, 1890. d.Oct. 1, 1974 age 84
Rosemary Jane Dougherty b. 1930 d. 1989
William Timothy George Richardson b. 1959
James Taylor Richardson b. 1961
Elizabeth Jane Richardson b. 1963
Alice Isabel Dougherty, b.  1892. d.  1982 age 90
Laureena I. (Pat) Wright b. 1924
Sarah Elizabeth Hodgins b. 1960
Kevin Lloyd Wright Hodgins b. 1963
Kethleen Isabel Ruth Hodgins b. 1963
Daniel James Hodgins b. 1966
James Osborne Wright b. 1925
Barbara Laureena Wright b. 1947
Marjorie Jane Wright b. 1949
Deborah Vonne Wright b. 1950
Christine Alice Wright b. 1954
James Wilmer Wright b. 1958
Sarah Kathleen Dougherty b.  1895. d. 1981 age 86
Annie Laura Dougherty b.  1897, d.  1921 age 24
Hilda Irene Dougherty b.  1898. d. 1993 age 95
Basil Armstrong Wright b. 1926 d. 1993
Judy Lenore Wright b. 1955
Christopher Basil Wright b. 1959
Calvin Taggart Wright b. 1962
Laurabeth (Beth) Wright b. 1931
Nathan Breeding b. 1961
John Dougherty Wright
Michael Bruce Wright b. 1960
Kelly Hope Wright b. 1961
Stevan David Wright b. 1963

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